Stardust Sheep Farm ram we brought in Sedalia 2018 sired by Wizard. (He puts shag and bone on his lambs like a blackface buck). The 2019 lamb crop out of him was really good ~ we plan to use him heavy for Fall 2020 lambs.
“Golden Commando“ born Dec. 2019 sired by Rule ram “Going Commando" (Drop the Mic son) and a Stuff daughter (Trunk X Wooly Mammoth X Leo - owner James Duffy & Franklin). We look forward to his lambs next February.
Added to our stud rams from Mavencamp Livestock Idaho purchased at Reno 2017 class 117 Crossbred Wether Sire Winner.  
             Sire                                                Dam
       "Thrift Shop"                     “Tantrum“ ( Bootleggers Full Sib )
 Six Pack  X Unleaded                    Unbelievable  X Hillbilly Bone
Thanks to Albers Club Lambs of Santa Rosa, California for letting us buy half interest in his new stud ram purchased from Rule “ Third Degree “.
AMYX A-1267
Purchased at Sedalia 2013 - 2nd January Ram Lamb
(1st January Ram Lamb was Grand Champion and sold for $5800)
Sire:  Sidwell 2023

Dam:  AMYX Orange 7072


Sire of Sidwell 2023 is Hewlett 10 "Stainless Steel"


AMYX Orange 7072 was overall Breeding Supreme Ewe at Houston 2009


May 2015 Update:  Got G.T. sheared earlier this month and put him in with the girls. He stamps out this Butt on all his lambs both specks and Dorsets.We are real happy with the positive results so far this year at the early fairs and hope it continues the rest of the year.

Our replacement for "Complete Definition" Stillwell #1460 who died on New Years Day. Luckily we got some ewes bred to him. This ram was the only ram that Jason would not sell us when we had first pick January 2014 at his ranch. Because of the loss of #1460 he sold us #1464.

Both were sired by "High Definition".  Stillwell #1464 mother is a lively ewe.

Our yearling ram from G.T. Sheep Co. out of Kennard, Nebraska.  G.T. will be our main stud ram this year.